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Programming as Magic
I want more pentacles

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RE: Programming as Magic
(2014.02.02, 16.46)Stephanie Wrote: I came across something that I thought was kind of cute, in an unrelated forum. Someone there made the following comment (I'm paraphrasing):
Quote:I view coding as something that's sort of magical. When I write a script, it feels sort of like I am casting a spell. The scripting language is full of powerful words and I combine them in a way that, when it's run, magical things happen.

I don't actually see programming that way myself... but I kinda wish I did?

It's a way of looking at the world, which had never occured to me before. One which I know "logically" to be wrong, yet I feel it would be more fun it if it were right.

I'd love to hear what other people think of the concept.

I totally think that!!

I know only the most basic html and even that makes me excited to write a string that makes stuff happen or look different or appear where nothing was there before.

I hope I never lose that feeling of html magic.
2014.02.02, 18.24
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