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Casting an spell together with a very negative person

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Casting an spell together with a very negative person
I have a friend who is very negative and has no faith in anything good happening to herself or to anyone else. 
I prepared an spell last year for both of us to do better in our jobs. 

She doesnt believe in those things at all, she thinks things will go always wrong. 
So we did the spell... and instead of things going better in our jobs, things went all the oposite. Way worse. 

I mean the situation is not dramatic we can sustain ourselves... but what we asked for, didnt happen, and things went worse. 

I wonder if the ideas of my friend seeing things from a very pessimistic view could affect the spell.
I mean her absolute ' faith' about things going wrong may have called that same things she imagined, to happen for real. 
What do you think? Is that a posibility? 

Also... after that spell I felt phisically so exhausted. 
I had no energy and I felt we did something wrong for sure. 
I didnt feel good at all. 

Can someone give me advice? 
I am a total beginner I got to know about magick when I was 14 , now 10 years later that idea came back to me I don't kmow why. 

But I really wanna learn.  

I would aprecciate so much your answers. 

Blessings to you all!
2018.06.05, 16.47
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Casting an spell together with a very negative person - by Cordelia - 2018.06.05, 16.47

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