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Hellos and other Intros
I want more pentacles

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RE: Hellos and other Intros
(2016.10.11, 07.01)Dreamsinger Wrote:
(2016.10.09, 11.07)Lezley Wrote: Hey Folx!!

This is Lezley - the artist and Tarot-dextrous of the T:ITC app creators. 

I wanted to pop in and say hello and welcome to all tarot readers, users and admirers both new and seasoned. All are welcome here. 

I know Steph and I are both excited about the app and this space and hope that together we can make this a resource that supports our on-going journey in self-discovery and awareness. 

Le Chaim!



Welcome to the group! I'd read that you and Stephanie were working on a new app and was pleasantly surprised to find it's done and available. It's already on my phone and pad. I'll be working with it and learning it over the next week or so and let you know what I think.

Lo and behold! I just found the downloadable card decks!!! woot! Is there a way I could make a personal deck?



Hey Dreamsinger! 

I hear you're the forum saviour and rescued it from near death - Well done you!

I hope you like working with the app - it's definitely a labour of love. You can add a personal deck if you have the images available. 

On our FAQ page I've recorded a video. You can scroll through the index and watch where I talk about "Edit Decks". Copy a deck by holding it down to bring up the copy action. Then follow the direction in the video to replace card images and voila! New personal deck. 

I'm going to be recording a video on how to do that - you're just a head of the curve. 

Please don't hesitate to let us know your feedback - we want to make it the best tarot app on iTunes!

Take good care,
2016.10.11, 19.50
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