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Maximum Memory

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Maximum Memory
I'm not sure if that's an accurate topic, but...

I'm loading a LOT of things into WP. Graphics, text files, HTML files. Is there a limit I need to watch out for? When saved, my backup file is 25MB and growing. And, there is more to come.

2015.03.30, 16.01
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App Author

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RE: Maximum Memory
Sorry it's taken so long to respond to this.

There shouldn't be a hard limit as far as the app itself is concerned.

As of the current version, images are saved as discrete image files in the app's Documents sandbox. The entries themselves, which are straight-up ascii text, are saved into a 'contents' file - basically one file holds all the text of all your entries, and then the images are stored alongside that file.

I suppose if that contents file became excessively large (i.e. multiple dozens of MB of text) it might strain something in iOS... that'd be a huge amount of writing though.

To be sure, I've just done some searches through the documentation and could not find any reference to a hard limit on the size that file could be - neither by overall size in bytes, or number of records, etc.
2016.07.07, 20.57
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