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A long, patient learning process...

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A long, patient learning process...
It has only been six months since I started investigating Wicca. I happy to report that I am still enthusiastic about this great religion.

I have had challenges and internal debates. I have questioned. I have rejected certain sub-schools of thought with Wicca. I have been reading a lot.

If any newcomers to Wicca read this, please understand that Wicca brings very serious changes to your thinking - well, it has with me. We are talking about Deity and the understanding of the Goddess and God.

About three months ago, I was told by a fellow Wiccan that after a year of consideration of Wicca, only then should you start the real internal journey. So in May of this year I plan to dedicate myself formally to the study. This sounds odd, because I have been studying already. Why take so much time? Each person is different. In my case, I feel like I need to be thorough and ease into it.

It is critical that I do not see this as a mere whimsey, or - for Deities' sake - a mere hobby. I have jumped from from one subject to the next often. Attention disorder. I must focus, and control my thinking and remind myself that this is a Religion. I remind myself that I began reading Wicca to heal my spirit, heal others and be on my knees for something greater than myself.

Wicca is wonderful, but in my opinion it is something that takes time.

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