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Wicca Jewelry

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Wicca Jewelry
I'm not a jeweler. So I knew I would have to buy a holy symbol for myself.

(Perhaps one day I can develop that skill)

So I purchased this at a convention last weekend.

[img][Image: jewelry_zpsd497cb42.jpg][/img]

The banana I purchased this morning.

The pentagram was a very reasonable cost, costume quality piece. Made of steel I suppose. I would love to make my own one day. In the meanwhile, I did my best to purchase this with the highest possible regard to INTENTIONS and RESPECT.

I think it helps that I got it at a local fantasy convention. In fact, the convention was a magical-fantasy themed event. The whole Samhain weekend we celebrated fun books and movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Narnia.

So, despite it's common price and quality, I like it. I plan on consecrating it during this Full Moon Sabbat!
2014.11.05, 15.45
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