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Modify entries

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Modify entries
Hey Stephanie!
First of all I would say a big "thank you" to you! Your app is wonderful and I love it so much! I am a druidist and, as Wicca and Druidism have much in common, it is an extremely useful app and well designed.
As I am Italian, I've thought of translating all of your entries, since I find them very interesting.
Could I ask you to add the possibility of modifying existing entries? I know that I could create new ones, but I love the set of photos and colours that you have used in yours (f.ex. the entry about herbs) and, as I just want to translate them and I am not that good with HTML language, I think that it would be quicker and visibly cooler if I could modify your entries.
What do you think?
Thank you and blessed be

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2014.09.30, 11.14
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App Author

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RE: Modify entries
Hi Syaoran,

I have had a couple requests for the ability to edit / alter the original entries.

There are some technical hurdles I would have to overcome in order to make this work really well. I've also had some personal reasons for being hesitant to add this function.

Still, it does seem to be a popular request so I'm looking at ways to accomodate it in a future update. No promises on timing but it is being looked at.

Thank you for writing & blessed be!
2014.10.16, 08.33
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