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HowTo - Sorting Entries within a Section
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HowTo - Sorting Entries within a Section
Sorting entries is one of the big new features with version 3.0, but it may not be obvious how exactly to do this.

All sections (except Journal) can be sorted Alphabetically, or manually. Manual sorting means entries are in whatever order they are created, but you can also move entries around within the section.

To sort a section, scroll to the top (if you aren't already at the top) then drag the section downwards then release - as the entries bounce upwards, a sort control will appear at the top of the screen, just beneath the section title.

Then tap either Manual or Alphabetical to sort the section. Your sorting preferences are saved section by section, so you can have different sections sorted different ways.

The Sabbats section adds a third option, Sabbat Date. If you select that (it is the default for the Sabbat section) then sabbats are sorted by date, with the nearest ones first.

(The Journal section is always sorted alphabetically by file name due to how iOS processes the directory contents.)
2014.07.30, 19.58
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