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Passages to Summerland

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Passages to Summerland
[img][Image: 6fb3fd59-6a3b-4d97-a7df-d1b9cdc4939d_zps7473b40a.jpg][/img]

My friend and colleague John Munford died peacefully of natural causes Sunday night. He was 41 years old.

This is devastating news for all of us at my newspaper. He had some serious heart health issues - worse than I thought. He has a wife and two children. The above photo is of todays issue of our newspaper.

I have been wrestling with the loss; I'm going through all of the classic stages of death. He and I were just starting to become good friends.

I did find some words of wisdom from a general introductory book on Wicca. Although he was not a young person, he was still ten years younger than me. These words are appropriate: "We each have a job to do in this lifetime.We have things to learn and things to teach. If a young man dies, people often ask, 'Why did he have to go?' The answer would be because his job was done. He'd learned what he needed and taught what he needed to teach. Sometimes the death of a young person can help the people around him or her grow. In that respect, the death was not senseless. There is a reason for it.

After the person is gone, the effects of that life continue in the lives of everyone who was touched by that person and by that person's actions. The person's spirit moves on to the Summerland and is reborn into a new life of spiritual lessons and teachings."

I certainly learned from him. And this is a interesting journey watching through my new Wicca eyes - the process of funeral, ritual and loss. I hope I continue to learn from this.

My friend, Rest in Peace.
2014.07.24, 11.48
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App Author

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RE: Passages to Summerland
I'm so sorry for your loss, WiccaTodd. My heart goes out to you, and to Mr. Munford's family.

Those words are very good indeed.

I've been struggling with a similar situation; my father died two weeks ago, and I've been struggling somewhat to come to terms with it.
2014.07.24, 16.36
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