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Ye Olde Introduction

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Ye Olde Introduction
Greetings to the Community!

I have been practicing for the last 20 years, and given I'm now 63, that makes me sort of a late starter. Trained as an engineer and working in IT, the left brain often tells the right brain what it's trying to accomplish is "impossible." Luckily I don't listen to myself (or anyone else) that often. Big Grin I long had this obsession with doing things "the right way" until I found out there was no "right way."

You will find my practice incorporates a mix of Native American, Norse theology, Celtic, and Italian Strega. Italian descent by birth, I have traced my lineage back through the Samnites to the Celts and further north if history be believed.

My practice got a jump start when a close friend asked me if I had tried crystal work. She sent me a few to help me deal with an incident that was rather depressing in nature, and I found immediate relief. Needless to say, I've been charging down that path as well.

My greatest talents/gifts are as a healer and in providing protection when needed. I am working on manifestation and abundance as I find my path.

Being a vintage geek (punch cards anyone?) I've been in tech a long time. I heard over and over again how tech and Wicca don't mix, and while that made sense on a superficial level, my instinct told me "no." I had the revelation flash one night during a dream. Vocal tradition gave way to pen and parchment. High tech for the time. Pen and parchment gave way to the published book. More tech arrives. The book is complimented (note I did NOT say "replaced") by tablets and smartphones. Still more tech. As long as the intention is pure, the tech doesn't matter. So there. Tongue

I travel a lot and always manage to find a "new age" or similar shop where I can browse, maybe find a few interesting crystals, and meet like-minded souls. I am constantly adding to Stephanie's gift to us (Wicca Plus), and eventually may share some of my work with the community. I encourage you to do the same. It is wonderful having and eBoS!

That's enough rambling for now. Thank you for this place, and thank you, Stephanie for Wicca Plus!

2014.06.21, 10.07
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RE: Ye Olde Introduction
Thank you friend for the detailed introduction! I imagine it would be difficult to switch off the engineering button to the gray areas of magick. With 20 years of experience I look forward to hearing your ideas.

Crystals. See, this is where I have a complete lack of understanding. I must learn more. I am currently reading my second book on general Wicca. It's another introductory book, but it has a section on crystals.

I too, have no problem using technology with my religion. It's just a way of communication. I am an artist and graphic designer - I hope to post more visual elements on the forum - photos and artwork.

Yep. Hooray for WiccaPlus!

You keep rambling, we will listen.

2014.06.23, 19.16
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