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Custom Icons for your Entries
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Custom Icons for your Entries
As you add your own entries to the Wicca Plus app, you will notice that they are assigned a 'default icon' depending on what section they are in. Each section has its own unique default icon, but perhaps you would like to give your entries a little more of a personal touch, so they stand out when you view the section contents?

[Image: Default_Icons-600x441.png]

Here's a tip and some files to get you started!

The Tip: Custom Icons

For any of your custom entries, all you need to display a custom icon is to have a PNG file with the (exact) same name as the entry.

So for example, let's say we've added a new entry to the divination section "Tea Leaves". As you can see in the image above, it's got the default icon for Divination entries.

To give this entry its own custom icon, you would put a PNG file in the app's Documents directory, called "Tea Leaves.png" -- please note the file name must exactly match the entry title, it is case sensitive.

(For adding files to the Documents directory, please see the tip on Adding Images to your Entries.)

Now when you open the divination section, your entry will be displayed with the icon you've assigned it:

[Image: Custom_Icons-600x441.png]

Okay - so now we know how to assign custom icons to entries. How do we make them look like they fit the style of the app?

The Download: Icon Template Files

This zip file Icon Templates contains template files in Photoshop, GIMP, and PNG formats. You can edit them and use them as you wish to create your own custom icon files.

If you don't want to use the templates, or you prefer using a different image program, here are the parameters you'll want to use, to keep your icons fitting with the overall style of the app:
  • Image Size: 512 x 384 pixels
  • Image Format: PNG
  • Image Colours: RGB + Alpha
  • File Name: Exactly the same as the Entry Title, plus .png suffix
  • Dark Colour: #664899
  • Light Colour: #EAECFF
  • Background: Full Alpha
The Icon Templates are sized correctly, with the right colour space and include example 'swatches' of the correct colours.

[Image: template.png]
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