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Programming as Magic

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RE: Programming as Magic
(2014.02.02, 18.24)Lezley Wrote:
(2014.02.02, 16.46)Stephanie Wrote: I came across something that I thought was kind of cute, in an unrelated forum. Someone there made the following comment (I'm paraphrasing):
Quote:I view coding as something that's sort of magical. When I write a script, it feels sort of like I am casting a spell. The scripting language is full of powerful words and I combine them in a way that, when it's run, magical things happen.

I don't actually see programming that way myself... but I kinda wish I did?

It's a way of looking at the world, which had never occured to me before. One which I know "logically" to be wrong, yet I feel it would be more fun it if it were right.

I'd love to hear what other people think of the concept.

I totally think that!!

I know only the most basic html and even that makes me excited to write a string that makes stuff happen or look different or appear where nothing was there before.

I hope I never lose that feeling of html magic.

To some people, the entire Internet is magic. To quote Clarke's Third Law, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magyk." What is normal to you may be incomprehensible to others. As a network engineer, I believe the commands we give to the equipment we serve and control and in turn, that serves us, can be considered magic.

As I create an on-line database of crystals to be used in healing, am I not laying the ground work for the spells to follow? In a way, is that not writing in a Book of Shadows and Light? The energy of love involved with that creation is shared with those who use it.

I feel the same about Wicca Plus. Crafted with care and love that we share and use to further our own magic. In a sense you enable all of us who use it, and for that I give thanks.

Just a difference of opinion. A different viewpoint. Smile

Namaste _/\_

2014.05.11, 07.18
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