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Ageless witches ?

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Ageless witches ?
Hello everybody I am new here. 

I watched a documentary years ago about the perscution of witches in centuries 15th and 16th. 
I heard one of the things witches could be acused of, was the ' crime' of agelessness. 

Even now there is this common phrase, when someone is aging very well which is ' oh he made a deal with the devil!' 

The way we speak always comes from something. That phrase comes from that persecutions from catholic chruch. Because that suposed witches were looking decades younger. 

What I wonder is, probably they used some magick to do that by then. I believe the power of our own minds and our emotional state may have a lot to do with our health and with how we look. 
I am sure that magick they used to be ageless , we could use it too. 

Anyone knows about that kind of spell or magick? 

2018.06.05, 16.29
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