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Merry Meet!
Yore Naime

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Merry Meet!
Merry Meet!

I have been doing the 'Craft for 35+ years, have explored many traditions, and accumulated lots of degrees. (some more meaningful than others)

I currently live in Europe, in a country with few Witches and apparently no Traditional ones like me. So, until I find others, I will be solitary.

I am not so good with technology. (I'm practically Amnish!) But I am finding the Wicca Plus app to be a useful tool and will be more so if I can figure out how to modify it.
I am very grateful to the programer who wrote this!

I had had the free version for several years, and am having trouble seeing how the paid version is different.

My name is:
Yore Naime
2015.10.20, 22.46
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