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Little Suggestions

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RE: Little Suggestions
(2015.08.27, 06.26)Dreamsinger pid= Wrote:
(2015.08.23, 09.45)Barefootpip Wrote: I love this app and what you have done. It's easy to use and gives me what I like, thank you. Just a thought I have. Is it possible to have it open on your front cover when you open the app (may be have it as an option in the settings so other people can have it different if they wish), can the content folders be movable when held down so we can have folders and spells in the order we like please and could this be set to automatic cloud syncing just I case we forget to back this up?

Again a wonderful app and


At least one of your requests is already in the app. If you pull down the screen, you will see a selection pop up at the center top saying "Sort Selection By:"

"Alphabetical" is just what it sounds like and I believe is the default.

Select "Manual" and you can rearrange the icons in any order. Press down on one until they start to jiggle. Tap the one you want to move and the one you want it in front of. Poof, just like magic (grin), it will move.

Don't forget to hit the "Done" button at the top. I keep forgetting and hit the home button, thinking I'm on the home screen (DOH!).

Let me know if you need any help with that and enjoy!


Ahhh Dreamsinger thank you sooo much! I could kiss you, I had no idea that was there!
2017.04.13, 10.18
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