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Please help me get started:)

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RE: Please help me get started:)
(2015.10.20, 22.52)Yore Naime Wrote:
(2015.02.25, 04.00)nwarwick Wrote: Hi all!
My name is Nicole, I am from Idaho. (would love to know if there is anyone around here) My brother and I are both very interested in wicca studies and we would love for some help on getting started. Basic things, that will hopefully lead to a better understanding. Any tips, advice, or need to knows would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time, (reading this post, as well as any replies!)
Salut, Nicole

There is an old tradition called Kitchen Witchery, that made all their ritual tools look like innocuous objects. A pocket knife can be your boline, an ordinary kitchen knife can be your athame. (or better yet, your 1st two fingers) And ordinary cup can be your chalice. A stick can be your wand. (especially if it draws you to it) A plate can be your pentacle. Or you can draw one on paper each time you use it, and destroy it after you are finished with it.

Movies, games and books can be a great source of inspiration. But be aware that the entertainment industry makes everything bigger, flashier and more exciting than real life. Watch a movie about something you know from real life and you will see what I mean. (this is partly why I like movies about baseball games, but not actual real life baseball games)

I can recommend some books to get you started:

Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler tells about the history of Paganism in America and about some of the leading groups from the 1970's, many of which are still around.

8 sabbats for Witches by Steward and Janet Farrar has much of the Traditional Gardnerian/Alexandria rituals, some of which appear in this app. It is often published, combined with another good book of theirs, "The Witches' Way" and the combined books have the title: "A Witches' Bible Complete".

Grimoure for the Apprentice Wizard by Oberon Zell is a step by step "how to" book written for young people like you. It is filled with interesting information. (he also runs an online school)

Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Husan has lots of interesting information, much of it on things not addressed by other books. I was very influential to me, but has recently become more popular.

The Spiral Dance by Starhawk is the best selling beginner Wiccan book ever. She changed a lot about the Craft and even changed the book with time. I like the 1st edition a lot. Be we have grown in different directions. So I ignore her new footnotes and her new chapter in later editions.

Todd has it right... beware the Internet. Several sites I have found to be really good are:

Those three are all by Spring Wolf... Awesome lady. Very balanced in her approach.

Another is . A Trad site, and the one that showed me my current path.

I've attached a ZIP file with my library in it. They are simple text files I have loaded into WP. Use as you will with one caveat: Please do not criticize the choices. They represent my growth over 25+ years. They work for me. They may not work for you.

If you are interested in my current line of study, we can discuss that as well.


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2015.10.22, 15.54
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