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Re-Using Incense

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RE: Re-Using Incense
(2014.11.14, 16.55)Dreamsinger Wrote: This may be an off the wall questions, but, here goes...

I discovered a jar of incense in the house that evidently came from my wife's Eastern Orthodox church. I have no idea how or when we acquired this, except to think it came from her mother or grandmother.

Question: Would this be usable in a witch's ceremony, or should I just discard it? How do you purify incense?

Thank you.


Greetings Friend,

I am hoping someone with a little more experience will help with this. But, I can offer my opinion.

Don't we re-consecrate jewelry, athames, altars and wands? It seems to me the incense is yet another tool in our cupboards. I say use your existing incense to re-consecrate the old incense! Just like you would do with jewelry - see our Wicca Plus App in the Consecrations section. (Plus, I bet, the Eastern Orthodox incense is a quality product!)

The intent is to acknowledge the significance of our Sacred Air and Fire Elements! Go for it.

2014.11.17, 20.06
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