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Happy Mabon Everyone! Wicca 101

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Happy Mabon Everyone! Wicca 101
Greetings All,

Happy Mabon!

I've got my altar ready to go - ready to celebrate this second Harvest. (The attached photo is not my altar! It's just a stock photo from my library.)

Wow, when you celebrate sabbats eight times a year, you really see time passing in a different way.

Question: How critical is the exact date of the Fall Equinox? I see two different dates on my two calendars. Our Wicca Plus App has it as today. My calendar at work has it as tomorrow. It turns out I did not have enough time to cast a circle this morning (as I planned).

I can probably do this tomorrow and be OK right?

[img][Image: Mabon-Sheaf_zps04f0fd57.jpg][/img]
2014.09.22, 11.28
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Happy Mabon Everyone! Wicca 101 - by WiccaTodd - 2014.09.22, 11.28

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