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(2014.07.30, 22.43)Sephiram Wrote:
Greetings & Salutations to all....

I'm preparing to perform the ESAUE Spell & have gathered all my tools, equipment & accoutrements to cast the spell. My question is this: Since there weren't any precise directions or steps in casting the spell; I'm wondering if it's okay (that is, non-detrimental to the effectiveness) to create a Sigil on the other side of the ESAUE talisman to boost the energy & focus of the ritual? Also, is a Planetary Kamea compatible energy to use with the ESAUE Square?

Thank You For Your Guidance.


Greetings and Welcome Sephiram!

I am confident that someone can help you with these questions. I can only help you partially. I apologize. I am new to this craft, and I certainly do not want to give out mis-information.

I am confident that you need to work this magick in a "properly cast Circle" - to quote our App. Please go to the first icon in the Spellcraft section of Wicca Plus. The one entitled "On Spellcraft". In it you will find some helpful thoughts before you progress more.

As far as energy boosting and Planetary Kamea energy...I must defer to another member of our small group. Perhaps Stephanie or Dreamsinger help?
2014.07.31, 11.40
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