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Download - Printable Pentacle
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RE: Download - Printable Pentacle
Lezley Wrote:What a great idea!!

What’s the significance of the markings around the edges?

I imagine that the symbols’ meaning may vary within different traditions; in fact the symbols themselves may well be different for other traditions. What I am familiar with though, is as follows:
  • The large pentagram in the centre is reprasentative of the craft, and a symbol of magic in general.
  • The inverted triangle is the ‘badge’ of the new witch, the priest or priestess.
  • The small inverted pentagram is the ‘badge’ of a high priest / high priestess, aka the leader of a coven.
  • The upright triangle above the upright pentagram is the ‘badge’ of the highest level priest / priestess, leader / founder of two or more covens. (*)
  • At the left, the circle with the horns represents the God, the masculine aspect of the divine.
  • At the right, this symbol represents both the waxing / waning moon, and the Goddess, the feminine aspect of the divine.
  • At the bottom, the SS is referred to as the Kiss and the Scourge, the Kiss representing the five-fold kiss, and the Scourge was used in various rites in older times. (Sometimes it is shown as SS and sometimes as S$. The second S, or the S with the bar is the Scourge.)

* The three ‘ranks’ were described like this: Every initiated witch is a priest or priestess. The leaders of a coven were given the ‘rank’ of High Priestess. If a coven got too large (traditionally the maximum size was supposedly 13) they could opt to split off some people to form a new coven, though it would remain attatched to the parent coven. When this happened, the High Priest and High Priestess of the original coven were now ‘responsible’ for both groups, and that was seen as the third or highest rank / responsibility.
2014.01.09, 09.00
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