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Store Review - Earthworks
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Store Review - Earthworks

This is a small shop located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. They've been around for some time, the first time I came across them was in the 1990's.

Originally they seemed to be a cross between beads, crystals, and religious books, but they've expanded quite a bit and carry a lot of stuff that's useful for followers of many of the pagan ways.

They have a great selection of incenses and dried herbs, and a large selection of candles. They've got some clothing, and some books, but not a huge selection of either. They have various other things, tarot sets, rune stone sets, et cetera. They even carry some CDs, from inspirational stuff to 'sounds of nature', that sort of thing.

They still have a good assortment of crystals and beads, and they also carry some jewelery. In addition to Pagan stuff, they also carry an assortment of Native American things.

Last time I was there I noticed they now carry some 'fancy athame' type knifes and 'fantasy swords'. They also had a small selection of 'magic wands' made of lathe-turned wood by the looks of them. Pretty but...

They have an web site, EarthWorks but it's a little basic. It looks like you can order online but I'd rather shop in person. I've attached a scan of their business card.

The people there are very nice, I've never had a bad experience with them.


p.s. I am not affiliated with Earthworks in any way, apart from being a satisfied customer. They have not provided any form of payment or compensation for this review.
2014.03.16, 15.02
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