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Tarot as a Cautionary Tool of Wisdom

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Tarot as a Cautionary Tool of Wisdom
[img][Image: 7-of-Cups_zps05a144c1.jpg][/img]

Greetings All,

I used my Wicca Plus App today to help me with a real-world problem.

I need some extra money for emergency car repair. I have access to affordable loans through my works' 401K savings. I woke up this morning thinking I could just borrow $500 bucks from my retirement fund.

It'll be easy. I won't even notice it on my paycheck.

Then I decided to calm down and think about it some more. Tarot cards help me think. So I did a simple "card of the day" meditation with my regular deck. I drew the Seven of Cups. I looked up its meaning and it seemed very appropriate. "Dreams, Visions, illusion and Deception" is what my book told me.

I considered this more on the way to work. When I got to work I realized I had better think this through - don't assume this dream of a quick $500 will come true easy.

I pulled out Wicca Plus to confirm my suspicions. Yep. There it was again: "Fantasy, Illusion, Daydreams, Unrealistic Attitudes, etc."

The happy ending to this story is I did more research, came up with a way to pay off another debt and STILL get more money for the car. In fact, I hope to even pay less money out to re-pay the loan.

To me, the Tarot promises calm, reflective thinking about real-world problems. I do not believe the Tarot can "see the future". I do believe it forces the user to consider all options he/she may not have thought of before - it taps into subconscious and reminds you of other options. Wonderful stuff.
2014.10.17, 14.58
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RE: Tarot as a Cautionary Tool of Wisdom
You sir, "get it" and that is awesome!!!
Realizing that it is a tool for inner reflection and subconscious unfettering is a wonderful way of utilizing such a magnificent thing! Kudos sir and huzzah!
2014.10.17, 19.46
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RE: Tarot as a Cautionary Tool of Wisdom

You nailed it.

Nicely done, Todd!

And after reflecting on this a bit, the same can be said for Runes, if you use them. Very similar to Tarot, and there are some who think Runes inspired Tarot. In any event, both are used for similar ends.

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2014.10.18, 11.23
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