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Image Import - Scorpius - 2017.04.13

Hello again everybody! I'm much enjoying the new update.  I was wondering if there's already a function built into the app that I'm missing, and if not, I think it'd be a lovely addition.  I'm wondering if there's a way to import more images into the app to be used as thumbnails.  I really apprciate all the effort you've gone through wih the herb entries each having a corresponding custom picture, and I'd love my personal entries to have a similar touch.  Not neccessarily a match of the current artwork because that'd be a lot harder, but some way to use a picture, from my camera roll let's say, in the app.  I hope this finds everybody well! 


RE: Image Import - Dreamsinger - 2017.05.07


Try this post:


I've been making my own thumbnails for a long time using it.