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Either / Or Spread - Lezley - 2016.10.14

Hey Guys!

I like to have a spread that compares two options - so I made an Either / Or spread. It has a spot for a Questioner and then 1/2 2/2 spots for you to lay out your options. 

It's handy to get a quick overview to decide focus on an issue - then you can dive in deeper with a more robust spread. 

Hope it helps!

RE: Either / Or Spread - Violet - 2016.10.14

Thanks for sharing that Lezley!

Here's a screenshot of the spread. This was the spread Lezley added in her FAQ video (see here).

[Image: Either_Or.png]

(To install this spread in your app, just tap the above link from your iPhone or iPad. Your device should recognize the file type and offer to open it in Tarot: In The Cards. The spread will then be imported into your My Spreads section.)

RE: Either / Or Spread - Lezley - 2016.10.14

Hahaha! Nice one.

Screen shot and instructions are a good idea. I'll do at least the screen shot next time. Big Grin