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Deck Download: Playing Cards - Violet - 2016.10.09

A free downloadable deck for Tarot: In The Cards

This isn't really a serious deck for Tarot, it was mostly done to test some limits. Instead of the traditional tarot suits + major arcana, this deck contains Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, plus two Jokers. 

[Image: PlayingCards.png]

Download: Playing Cards Deck

To install the deck in your app, just tap the above link from your iPhone or iPad. Your device should recognize the file type and offer to open it in Tarot: In The Cards. The deck will then be imported into your My Decks section.

Images for this deck were taken from the public domain.

RE: Deck Download: Playing Cards - Lezley - 2016.10.09

This is neat actually - you can totally read off of a playing deck. I've done it at a party or two - just no major arcana. Cool!