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Tarot: In The Cards App - Violet - 2016.10.07

A brand-new app, Tarot: In The Cards is a collaborative effort between myself and my great friend Lezley!

Jam-packed with features, Tarot: In The Cards gives you ultimate control for reading Tarot on your iPhone or iPad with as much flexibility as you'd have with actual cards. 

Comes with a completely custom, hand-drawn deck, and five built-in spreads. A spread-editor function lets you change spreads and create your own. 

Decks, spreads, and readings can be easily shared via email, imessage, dropbox, etc.

Tarot: In The Cards is available now at the App Store.

As you can also see, we've got a new section in the forums here for supporting this new app.

(and yes, I am still working on updates for Wicca Plus, don't worry! that too is coming soon.)

RE: Tarot: In The Cards App - Lezley - 2016.10.10


I'm excited about adding to the downloads and making more videos.