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Doing Nothing - G Dren - 2015.11.02

As a practitioner of Wicca, is it not our responsibility to protect others from evil? And knowing that Evil is being committed; on a terribly large scale, and not attempting to do something about it is also an evil in itself? This is my problem when I think of every wickedness committed by this twisted religious faction known as ISIS.

I am well versed in Karmic debts, and realize What I may be asking. I am seriously considering a candle ritual directed at the leader of the ISIS group. I know his birth date and name, ironically he is a Cancer. I have not done anything more than research at this point.

I have seen myself in dreams performing this in my circle, and always say a similar thing about this faction being "Buried up to their neck in their own crimes."

I am asking for a little guidance before making this decision. I am willing to accept the Karmic debt for my actions, but actually fear the debt more if I do nothing about this personally recognized evil.