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Greetings - G Dren - 2015.11.02

I thought it a good idea to introduce myself to the group before jumping into a point of concern that has been on my mind for some time now.

first things first. I am Gerald and go by G Dren here on the boards. I only reveal my full working name in a working circle; G Dren is partially it. I began my studies as well as practices guided by my elder/high priestess on Oct 13, 2010 and had my first very temporary coven Samhain 2010 as the High priest. I practiced as her High Priest for 3 cycles. According to my HP I stepped into the inner circle, and found my way into the inner light.
I hope to have a small coven again sometime, I live in Melbourne Florida and have a full working circle. I am hoping to change careers for something more enjoyable and perhaps a better earning potential; I have graduated from Keiser University with a 4.0 in Information Technologies. I currently am employed by Brighthouse for the last 10 years; and have grown increasingly disenchanted with it, time for a change for the better.
I feel that I am a very strong Aries sign; borne April 2nd. I enjoy building my own books of shadows, and Candle Magic is my strong suit. Currently studying my Tarot deck.