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Internal Linking - Dreamsinger - 2014.12.09

Blessings to all!

I know HTML can link to an external site. It's documented in Sample2. Is there a way to link between internal documents? I know WP uses Webkit, but I'm not sure how, once you create a section and move the docs there, you can link between them (like a mini web site), or if that is even possible.

Thank you.


RE: Internal Linking - Violet - 2016.06.10

Sorry it's taken 18 months to respond to this question.

Unfortunately you cannot use html linking to jump between sections / entries.

The app does use html / UIWebView to display the content of most individual entries (there are some special entries that do not use UIWebView at all), but the actual navigation is all handled as a native app, specifically using a navigation bar heirarchy (i.e. not using html links).

It might be possible to make this work using a custom URL handler, but at the minimum that would require defining some way to reference the section/entry within the URL...