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Stress and Holidays - WiccaTodd - 2014.12.03

I should not complain.

I am very busy this December with work, family and more family.

I am a lucky guy to have this problem. But I really am looking forward to taking some time, taking a deep breath and taking a deep ritual of strength this Yuletide.

If I'm not careful, all of this reality is in danger of over taking my new Wicca way of thinking. All ready I have forgotten to do basic things, like grounding, that has made my day better in the past. I think this post is the first step in remembering what I have learned this year. I just need to implement these Wicca teachings more.

One of my current responsibilities is throwing a semi-formal party for my wife. She turns 50 on the night of the Full Moon this month. Nice!

OK. I'll leave you with this picture from the internet I found...

[img][Image: YuleDecor_zpsdd8f64d0.jpg][/img]