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Blessed Samhain to All - Violet - 2014.10.31

Wishing a blessed Samhain to everyone.

Tonight draws an end to the light half of the year, and begins the dark half; the veil between this world and the next will be at its thinnest. A time to think of our loved ones, and of those who have passed beyond.

[Image: Samhain_Pentacle.png]

For me, it's the first Samhain since losing my father, and though it's still just morrning, I find he's been on my mind a lot already.

Tonight I will open a bottle of one of his favourite wines, set out a bowl of mixed nuts instead of sabbat cakes, and try to let him know how much he is missed.

Take care everyone, and blessed be.

RE: Blessed Samhain to All - WiccaTodd - 2014.11.01

Thank you Stephanie!

Yes, we are having a great Samhain here in Atlanta. And Happy New Year to everyone!

RE: Blessed Samhain to All - Lady Marisha - 2015.11.01

Merry meet to all,

May we enter this season with grace and reverence for the harvests we received. May we use this time wisely to reflect
on the things we did, things we may have forgotten to do and trust the process of the cycles that we will have learned to accept that some things we must let go of in order to grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and keep those that are good. As the Oak King gives way to the Holly King let us rejoice for the gifts each continuously give to us. Let go of things that no longer serve us on our journey. We lay it on the wayside and give thanks and bless it for what it taught us. Then gently let it go. We now enter the time of storing all we have gathered this past year. And begin the time for spiritual house cleaning.

This year has been the most challenging and rewarding year of my life. I am extremely grateful for The Wicca Plus App. It has been my lifeline to celebrate all Sabbats great or small. I've been able to carry it with me and my small book of shadows & light. To my knowledge I am 9th generation. I was taught many crafts by watching, listen, walking, talking, gathering, harvesting, foraging, and preparing, from my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and aunt.

I practice the crafts everyday, and all four quarters of the moon. I pray for all who ask me to do so.
Even registering for these forums is a gift for myself and a celebration for Samhain. This is wonderful. I am here for everyone.

This Samhain I cast you serenity, grace, joy, happiness, abundance of laughter, plenty, warmth, gratitude, tenderness toward self and all beings, forgiveness to self and unto others, bountiful harvest, and rest. Be renewed with the gifts of enthusiasm and enchantment which only the Mother Goddess and Father God can bestow upon us.

Stephanie thank you. I light a candle in remembrance of your dad.

To Thee Mother Goddess of us all I offer myself to do your bidding. My heart and being are filled with gratitude.

Many blessings to all beings, especially those in need of your mercies.
And to all,
Blessed be

RE: Blessed Samhain to All - G Dren - 2015.11.02

Merry Meet and Blessed Samhain to all from Melbourne, Fl. We had a wonderful quiet celebration.

RE: Blessed Samhain to All - Lady Marisha - 2015.11.07

Merry meet to those in Melbourne, Florida.

It is nice to have this forum to merrily meet others walking a similar path. For now I am literally cared in central North Carolina. Close to UNC Chapel Hill.
And Interested in gathering with like minded persons.

I am grateful Ms Stephanie has put together such a wonderful site for forums. Also, I am finding more reasons to use Wicca Plus in my everyday celebrations.

Blessed be )O(