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Version 3.1.5 - Available Now - Violet - 2014.10.28

Version 3.1.5 has been submitted to Apple for their app store approval process.

Nothing especially exciting in this release, it's mostly to clean up the bugs that were left over from 3.1. This update includes the following:
  • Restores the footer area to the main screen on the iPad.
  • Fixes an issue with character encoding on imported entries (thanks Dreamsinger for finding this one!)
  • Fixes a crash bug that can occur in the Divination section.
  • Improves iPhone 6 and 6 Plus compatibility.
  • A few other sundry bug fixes and improvements.

I have some more features and improvements in the works but they're going to take a lot more time and effort to complete, and I didn't want to delay getting these fixes out.

I'll follow up with another announcement when Apple has finished their review and 3.1.5 has been released to the app store.

RE: Version 3.1.5 - Available Now - Violet - 2014.10.31

Well that didn't take as long as I'd expected! It seems Apple's review team are getting caught up, updates are getting through at a more reasonable pace again.

Either that or someone at Apple decided that Samhain was a suitably auspicious day to approve and release the latest Wicca Plus update to the store!

As noted above, version 3.1.5 brings back the footer on the iPad, where you can find the next three sabbat dates and the current astrological data. It also fixes some rare bugs that were recently uncovered.

It also brings two small new features. The idea came out of WiccaTodd's post about Tarot - I liked the idea of being able to just draw one card. It was one of those why didn't I think of this before moments.

So if you're in the Tarot reference section, and you want to have the app pull out one random card for you, just do a long-press over the current card image in the lower-left corner. After about a second, you will hear the cards shuffling and the screen will indicate it is picking a random card. You can keep your finger on the 'deck' while it does this. Then when you are ready, just lift your finger off and the app will 'draw one' and update the display to indicate the card.

I added the same function to the Runes reference. In that screen, just long-press anywhere among the collection of stones. After a second the screen will dim and you will hear the sound of the stones being shaken. Then release the screen and the app will display a randomly selected stone.

It's nothing fancy and maybe a bit silly depending on one's point of view, but I thought it was a fun add-on.


RE: Version 3.1.5 - Available Now - WiccaTodd - 2014.11.01

Oh so very cool. Thank you Stephanie!

I can't wait to try it out!

A quick read of a Tarot card in the morning is a great way to start the day!

RE: Version 3.1.5 - Available Now - Dreamsinger - 2014.11.14

I've been beating on this, stressing it, and basically pushing it hard. I can't break it.

You may declare victory. Smile