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Big Box Book Stores - WiccaTodd - 2014.09.15

Greetings All,

I live in the countryside outside of Atlanta. The nearest New Age bookstore is more than an hour away. However, if I need to, I can shop at nearby Big Box Book Store. In this case it's a Barnes and Noble in a nearby town. This is perfectly acceptable for anyone who can't get to a real, dedicated New Age store. They carry all the popular items. See attached photos.

[img][Image: BigBoxStore1_zps55cc6634.jpg][/img]

[Image: BooksBigBox_zps515ea0f5.jpg]

If all goes well with my studies of the craft, I will have to find a better store. In the while, this can do just fine for a beginner. They can special order whatever you need as well - and they do not charge shipping. So, I can recommend any large chain store for the beginner.

Although my current small library is purchased through iTunes or Kindle, I will purchase a hardcopy of the book for quick reference and place it on my altar shelf. Yep, I just bought a hardcopy of Scott Cuningham's classic...so now I have a digital version and a traditional copy!