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Adding/Moving Sections - Dreamsinger - 2014.05.17

First off, thank you for a wonderful app! This is by far the best I've found for iThings, and I have it on my phone and pad.

Now to the fun part..

Belle and I are working on creating entries for the crystals we have and work with. No mean feat, since we have 84 different entries to make. Smile We've created a template for the entries, and can load them in the Journal. What we would like to do is either load them under Appendices or rearrange the "first page" to put them there. Huh

If we can't do that, is it possible to "nest" the Journal entries so there is a "Crystals" icon with all the other entries under it? If we can do that, our intent is to use the PNG/JPG file that illustrates the entry as the actual icon.

I love the expansion capabilities of Wicca Plus and plan to use it as much as I can.



RE: Adding/Moving Sections - Violet - 2014.05.19

Hi Dreamsinger, sorry for not replying to this sooner.

I'm currently working on an update for Wicca Plus and one of the features I'm looking at adding is to add new sections to the top level.

Doing 'nested' levels would be much, much more difficult; the app basically follows a fairly simple flow of "table of contents" -> "section contents" -> "view a single entry" -> "edit an entry". Having nested subsections would mean inserting another level in the middle, as well as modifying the underlying data to account for this.

Much easier to just make the first 'table of contents' section editable... the only hangup there is that it honestly never occured to me to do that initially so there is a lot of little changes I need to make, to allow for that to work smoothly. And without breaking any of the existing user-content during an upgrade.

I don't like to give ETAs on when these things will happen, but it is on the list and I'm working on it.


RE: Adding/Moving Sections - Dreamsinger - 2014.05.19


No problem on the delay. Life happens. Smile

I just looked at the Sneak Peak post. Awesome stuff! As a former coder, I know the risk of giving out delivery dates, so when it happens, it happens. What you're planning should do the trick.

Thank you for considering it, and I look forward to the next release.