Profile Rules

Profiles must conform to the General Rules of the site. In addition, the following specific rules apply to all user profiles:

  • Profiles are publicly accessible and as with the overall site, should be geared towards a general audience.
  • Profiles which contain content that violates our rules (eg. obscene, hateful, inflammatory, et cetera) will be cleared; repeat offenders may be warned, suspended, or banned.
  • You may use a personal Avatar. Avatar images should not exceed 100px by 100px. If you wish to upload an avatar, its file size should not exceed 24kB.
  • Signatures are permitted but should be limited to no more than 5 lines of text, and using a font size no greater than the "normal" size for this site (12px).
  • You may include a link in your Signature to your own site or social feed, but blatant advertising is not permitted.
  • You may include an image in your Signature, but signature images may not exceed 480px wide or 64px tall.
  • Animated GIFs are not permitted for signatures or avatars.
  • Avatars or Signatures found to be breaking these rules may be removed and/or the users warned.