Posting Rules
The following rules apply to any posts you make, whether posting to public or private forums, or sending private messages.
  • Please be respectful. The board deals primarily with topics that are likely to bring about strong emotions, and heated discussions are probably going to occur. It is possible however to have a heated debate without disrespecting the other participant(s).
  • Flaming, threats, personal attacks, and abuse will not be tolerated. Those who ignore this rule will be warned, suspended, or banned, as the situation warrants.
  • Members are requested not to act as back-seat moderators. If you come across something which contravenes the site rules, please use the Report button, or PM a member of the Forum Team.
  • Please make your posts only in the relevant forum. If you are not sure in which forum to start your thread, look for threads with similar topics and use that as your guideline. Or ask a member of the Forum Team. Threads started in the wrong forum will be moved as appropriate.
  • Do not cross post. Do not post the same thread in multiple forums. This will not get you answers any faster, and will instead lead to threads being removed and warnings may be issued for repeat offenders.
  • When starting a new thread, please use a descriptive Subject. Titles like "Help" or "Look at this" or "Wow" make it difficult for others to know if your thread is something they'll want to look at. Threads with indecipherable subjects may be edited for clarity.
  • Please post only using the English language. We regret that we are unable to support additional languages at this time.
  • Please post using "normal writing" style language. Posts which are primarily "leet-speak" or emoticons, excessive punctuation, or making excessive use of font-size and colour can be difficult to read.
  • Please do not SHOUT in your posts (i.e. excessive use of caps-lock.)
  • When posting images, video, or other media / content, please respect the bandwidth of your fellow users. That is, don't link to a 10MB image if a 500kB image will get the same point across.
  • Please respect copyright! Whether uploading or sharing images or text on this forum, or taking images and text from this forum and re-posting it elsewhere, please do not do it if you do not have permission.
  • Do not post or link to 'warez'. That is, cracked, hacked, or stolen software, apps, music, movies, or other media, or any site or URL that hosts or encourages the same.
  • Spam is not tolerated whatsoever. Blatant spam accounts will be banned and their posts removed. Active regular users posting spam will be warned, repeat offenders will be banned.